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Pupil Voice


Pupil Voice is an important part of life in our school. We believe that by engaging children in decision making, offering responsibilities and providing meaningful opportunities to contribute, we can develop citizens that are ready for the future.


All children will have opportunities to be involved in each year that they are at school, with roles that grow in complexity and skill.


Class pupil voice roles


Wren: Weather Watchers - a small but significant job for our youngest pupils, our weather watchers alert the rest of the school to the day's weather. We are also making sure that they let teaching staff know if there is likely to be a wet playtime or a windy day!


Puffin: Season Spotters - in Y1 children keep detail on the seasonal changes and national/international events and display their findings for the rest of the school.


Robin: Team Points - this class are responsible for collating whole school team points each week and sharing with the senior leadership team as well as thinking about how team points can be rewarded in school. They are great mathematicians so are perfect for this role. 


Woodpecker: Events Managers - this team of pupils look after all of our special events at school and share information in collective worship to the whole school and the families. They make decisions on how we will participate in things like comic relief and Children in Need. 


Swift: Eco Team - These children are all about the environment and frequently can be seen on a litter pick or are engaging in an initiative to care for the environment. All things environmental come to them and they then share outcomes with the rest of the school.


Kingfisher: Worship group - Our Y5 pupils form the worship group, which they do a great job with. This involves setting up for collective worship and leading elements of the worship each day. They keep in mind our school values and are fantastic ambassadors for the school. Where we want to develop our Christian distinctiveness, the worship group are the first children I turn to for ideas. 


Swan: PR Team - As children reach the end of their primary school career, they are best placed to advocate for our school and to pull everything together in a half termly newsletter. Sometimes children in Y6 will also show around visitors and write sections for the community diary. We expect these children to be the very best role models for our younger pupils. Later in the year, they become responsible for our school blog on the website. 


Alongside these roles, each class also has two learning ambassadors and two e-safety warriors, Y5 and Y6 have well being ambassadors and all children have regular opportunities for sharing books across school with older children supporting younger children with reading.

Here is an example of our fantastic Event Team in Year 3 organising a Readathon!