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Kingfisher Class (Year 5)


Ball Video.MOV

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Alfie has completed another inspiring science experiment.  He is loving his science.

He put the eggs in a jar with vinegar and left them for a few days.  The shell disappears and then leave the egg in a jar with food colouring which makes a colourful membrane.  This represents enzymes going through a liver or a kidney.

Egg Experiment.mov

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Be inspired by Alfie's instructions and video demonstration of how the ear drum works.  It is fascinating to watch. 


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Watch Luca having a great time on his trail bike. 


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Video (2).mov

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Watch Daisy and Robbie letting their painted lady butterflies free.



Good morning Kingfisher Class,


So here we are at our last week together at school - it is not what I was expecting when school closed in March.


We have put some work on our class page for you to have a go at.  


If you get chance, have a look at the slide show and videos at the top of our class page to see just how busy you have all been. They are amazing to watch.


Keep alert and keep safe,


Best wishes,

Mrs Hughes and Mrs Read

Miss Cullen's Virtual Sports Week:

It is good weather all week so have a go at these daily physical activities.  Enjoy!

Reading competition:

The Week Junior has a summer of reading competition.  Read and review 3 books over the summer to win a wonderful batch of books.  Find all the information here.


Reading Comprehension

Have a go at the fiction reading comprehension based on the old classic 'Alice in Wonderland'.


Continue with your Talk4Writing 'The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites' work.  You can always write an adventure that they go on or create a report all about Elves and Sprites.  

I think you all enjoy code breaking.  There are four different types to try here.  Why not create a code of your own! 



Do you like these name pictures?  Have a go at creating your own following the link below.



Reading Comprehension:

Have a go at the following reading comprehension about our amazing NHS.  The text and questions get trickier with each set but do have a go at all of them if you wish.


I have chosen another Talk4Writing unit for you to have a go at and this will probably last for these final two weeks.  It is called 'The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites' and I chose it because I thought it would be something you would all love and it would really get your creative juices flowing!


It is statistics this week.  There are lots of challenges on the powerpoint where you have to find information from a line graph.  

I've also attached some squared paper.  You could make your own line graph to show the temperature each day (over 7 days), or the time you eat breakfast each day.


Have a go at Alfie's egg experiment (thank you Alfie). In this instruction leaflet, there is an extra step too which shows absorbency involving water and syrup!   


These you tube guides delivered by Art-base are fabulous.  Year 6 have had a go at creating giraffes.  You might want to try one of these too. 



Reading Comprehension:

Have a go at the reading comprehension about mythical stories from other cultures.  I thought you would enjoy reading them.  Remember that there are three sets of questions and they get progressively more tricky.


This is a Literacy Shed unit called 'The Black Hat' and it has been emailed to parents.  There are all sorts of different activities including some maths activities.  The YouTube clip below is the poem 'The Black Hat' by Maia Walczak that the unit is based on.  Watch it as you complete the unit.


YouTube clip of 'The Black Hat': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoKavOfPkwo


Maths : worksheets below.  If you are unsure what to do, watch these little video guides.

Equivalent Fractions


Password: Kingfishers2020

Creating Common Denominators


Password: Kingfishers2020


Have a go at the equivalent fractions first of all.  

The fractions jigsaw is a real challenge!  Get your family involved!  Good luck.  

SCHOOL CLOSURE 22/06/20 - week 11


Reading Comprehension:

Relating to our previous space theme, I thought you might like to learn about Stephen Hawking.



This is a Literacy Shed unit called 'A Cloudy Lesson' and it has been emailed to parents as we are not allowed to put it up on our website.  There are all sorts of different activities including some maths activies.

Maths - Fractions:

This week Kingfishers, we are recapping 'finding fractions of an amount.'

Watch the vimeo to remind yourselves how to do it.  


Have a go at some of these challenges here.  Start with the maze.

If you are feeling confident, have a go with the word problems and let us know how you get on. 



Password: Kingfishers2020

Science - this week we are looking at friction.

Reading Comprehension:

Have a go at this reading comprehension.  It is about the rainforest.  I thought you would enjoy it.  Remember that there are three sets of texts and questions and they get progressively more tricky.


The PowerPoint below has a poetry acitivity for you to have a go at linked to Rain. I was inspired by the change in the weather.  There is also an opportunity to write a story.  I know that you all love poetry and spooky stories!


This week in maths we are going to practise formal multiplication.  Watch the videos and practise multiplying by 1 digit and then, if you are confident, by 2 digit numbers.  There are some word problems to have a go at if you are feeling super confident.

multiply by 1 digit video: 


password: Kingfishers2020


multiply by 2 digits video: 


password: Kingfishers2020



Over the past few weeks, you have looked at materials (grown crystals, melted frozen materials).  You have also looked again at space with the Spacex launch.  For the next couple of weeks, I would like you to revisit forces.


Can you build your own simple CD hovercraft?




You will need:

  • a CD
  • a strong glue
  • a drinks lid (one that pops up and down)

How could you reduce friction to make it go faster?

SCHOOL CLOSURE 8/06/20 - week 9



Reading Comprehension:



Please continue with last weeks Talk4Writing unit.  


The maths worksheets have been emailed.  Now watch the videos about converting measures (watch them as many times as you need to) and then have a go at the work.





Have a go at some of these online quizzes on converting measure:








This week in Science, we continue the space theme.  There's lots to do and read in this workbook produced by the European Space Agency.

There are two particular tasks that I have pulled out.  

1) recording temperatures inside and outside (Space p10)

2) travelling to space (p25) 

Have a go and enjoy!

SCHOOL CLOSURE 1/06/20 - week 8



Reading Comprehension:

There are texts for each comprehension and the become progressively more difficult.  You don't have to do them all.


Add some va va voom to your daily reading with the 30 Day Reading Challenge.


Have a go at this Talk4Writing unit 'One Chance'.  This should last across two weeks.  

Maths - Area and Perimeter

Please watch these videos linked to area and perimeter:


https://vimeo.com/413583070    perimeter


https://vimeo.com/415436807   area 



The worksheets were emailed.


Bus stop division:

You can also have a go at reminding yourself about short division.  Watch the video and this will remind you of the method we use.  There is then a worksheet to have a go at.  


https://vimeo.com/424296862  bus stop division


password:  Kingfishers2020


Spacey Science:

This term's Science is inspired by the Spacex and Nasa launch of two astronauts (Bob and Doug) to the International Space Station on Saturday 30th May.  (Fingers crossed we are watching now!)

Did you watch?  


We have so many questions...How do the astronauts feel just before launch? How long does it take to get to space?  How do they link up with the space station?  


Here is a workbook for you to look through, produced by the European Space Agency.

I'd really like you to look at the activity on p21 - measuring your height at the beginning and the end of the day.  Does gravity have an effect? 


SCHOOL CLOSURE 18/05/20 - week 7





English : Rainbow poems

After freezing liquids into solids last week, this week you have the challenge of growing crystals. Good luck!  Please send on your results.



As well as the worksheets on transformations and reflections, you might want to look at BBC Bitesize on a Friday.  The challenges can be tricky; these are something to work on together.



Please find the Year 4 and Year 5 Maths Award Challenges:




Have a look at Brody's work on Captain Tom.  He is such an inspiration to us all.  Thank you for this work Brody.


There are some reading comprehensions to have a go at.  There are three sets of questions that get progressively harder.  Have a go at one or all of them.



This week we would like you to try a Literacy Shed English unit, if you would like to.  Due to copyright, we are not able to add this to the website so I will email the pack.  Or you can google:

Literacy Shed - click on Free Literacy Shed resources to use at home - click on free resources - click on KS2 Activity packs ages 7 -11 - click on The Alchemist's Letter.  Let us know how you get on.


This week is work on translating shapes.  This needs some explanation so I would like to direct you to Oak National Academy.  There is a lesson each day (20 mins) where a teacher guides you through the stages.  Click on 'classroom', 'Find Lesson', 'Subject', 'Year 5', 'Maths' and scroll down until you see the heading Transformations.  Have a  go at lessons 1 -5.   

Science - fr-r-r-r-eeeeeezing this week!

SCHOOL CLOSURE 4/05/20 - week 5


Dear Kingfisher Class and Mums and Dads,

Please find some new work for the coming week.   Feel free to pick and choose any of the activities that are on there or complete the work for the given week. 


Please keep sending in your pictures and please keep on keeping each other safe and healthy.


Mrs Hughes and Mrs Read


There are some reading comprehensions to have a go at.  There are lots of question sets to choose from.  They get progressively harder.




This week is our round up on decimals.  Try out multiplying and dividing decimals by 10,100, 1000.

Watch https://vimeo.com/414683301  Password: Kingfishers2020 

Practise with the decimal challenges.  Have a go at the general challenges too. 


'Staying warm and keeping cool' this week.  Can you design a lunchbox that will keep food cool? 

SCHOOL CLOSURE 27/04/20 - week 4


Dear Kingfisher Class and Mums and Dads,

Please find some new work for the coming week.  The class page is getting a bit busy so we will start to take some of the older activities off after next week.  Feel free to pick and choose any of the activities that are on there or complete the work for the given week. 


We would like to sign post you to 'white rose home learning' and 'bbc bitesize'.  These have daily lessons and have proved to be quite good when using them in school with the key worker children. 


If nothing else, please practise your times tables and read daily.  There are also some daily physical activities that you can do on the 'school clubs and sports' section of the website which can be found under the 'Class Pages' heading.  Some activities have been created by our Sports Ambassadors.  Can you sport your fellow Kingfishers?


Please keep sending in your pictures and please keep on keeping each other safe and healthy.


Mrs Hughes and Mrs Read

School Closure Work 27/04/20 (week 4)

Reading Comprehension:

Some topical reading comprehension activities.  You do not have to do them all.  They have increasing more challenging questions.  


If you have been missing The Week Junior, here are a couple of pages from the latest edition.

Writing Tasks:


SPAG.com has been updated with some new activities to have a go at.  


Adding decimals to make 1.
and look at the Lesson 3:  Complements to 1.
Try this activity sheet.  

Subtracting decimals.

For guidance from Mrs Read about how to subtract decimals,
visit https://vimeo.com/411991893

Password: Kingfishers2020

Then have a go at the worksheets attached.


School Closure 20/04/20 - week 3

Hello Kingfisher Class. 

Hopefully you all had a lovely Easter break and didn't eat too much chocolate.  Most importantly we hope that you and your families are all well.  We are now beginning week 3 of not being in school so Mrs Read and I have added some work that might be helpful for the first week of the Summer Term which, unfortunately, is beginning at home.  Fingers crossed we will all be back together soon.  

From Mrs Hughes and Mrs Read 


Mums and Dads,

We have added some work for this week.  It is there as a support so please do not feel that you have to complete all.  This week might begin with getting back into a routine so if you do anything, daily PE with Joe, daily reading and daily times table practise would be a really good start.  If you have a any queries, questions, photos to share then do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here for you.  

From Mrs Hughes and Mrs Read



Science we are going to revisit our work on materials.  I'm hoping there are plenty of materials you have around the home to help you with some investigations.  This week have a look at filtration.  Everything is explained in the powerpoint.  Watch, read and do!




Well done to those tackling the SPAG quizzes.  Briliant!  I noticed the one area we need to look at again is possessive apostrophes.  Work through the powerpoint and then see if you can improve your scores on SPAG.com.  I've reset the quizzes. 


ENGLISH - Talk4Writing

This English Talk4Writing booklet would take a week or even two weeks.  Unfortunately it is a PDF so would be best printed, however, if you have no printer you could just work on paper with the document open. 

MATHS - adding decimals

Watch Mrs Read's explanation below and then have a go at the work.  Choose from A, B or C on the worksheets.  Try a column from each worksheet.  Remember that C is the most challenging.  For those that want more challenges with decimals, have a go at some of the problems in the powerpoint. 


Try a few each day to see if you can remember how to do it.






Password: Kingfishers2020

Decimals work

School Closure 30/03/20 - week 2

Hello Kingfisher Class.  We hope that you are all well and getting some fresh air in this beautiful sunshine.  Thank you for the pictures of your work (we have added a few examples).  We really enjoy seeing you and finding out about what you have been doing.  Please keep in contact with us.  We are really missing you.


Mums and Dads, we have added some new work for the week commencing 30th March, please do not put yourselves under any pressure to complete it.   The work we have added is there to support you in this unusual and difficult time if you need it.  You do not have to do it all so please do not think that you do.  If you are sending pictures of your children/child's work, please say if you give permission for us to share it on our class page.  The website is in the public domain so we won't share anything unless you are happy for us to do so.  


And finally it is just for us to say that this is an unprecedented and difficult situation and you are doing an amazing job and we thank you all for that.  Keep on keeping on and please look after each other and stay well.


Mrs Hughes and Mrs Read

New work for week commencing 30/03/20




Useful websites for home learning

Top Marks:  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/

This is useful for times table practice.


Twinkl: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/

Twinkl produces lots of wonderful resources closely linked to the curriculum. 
It is offering free log ins for parents.



Kingfisher children should have brought home their individual log in.  There are several online quizzes that have been selected based on our current learning.



Learning in Year 5

Online Safety Update 

Year Five 

  • Media Balance 

  • Private and Personal Information 

In our online safety lessons this half term, Year Five focussed on understanding that good digital citizens are responsible and respectful in the digital world (and beyond). They also learnt about the benefits of sharing information online, but also about the safety and security risks of sharing certain types of information. 

Please take a look at the Family Tip sheets and Activity sheets that support the lessons covered in school. 


Many thanks, 


Miss Lee