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Reading Scheme

At Long Itchington C of E Academy, we believe that English has a special place at the centre of the curriculum of a primary school because language is the medium through which all our learning takes place, both inside and outside the classroom.  



In accordance with the National Curriculum, our aims for reading are that all children should:  

  •  develop positive attitudes towards books so that reading is a pleasurable activity.    

  • develop a range of reading strategies for approaching reading, using and applying phonological, contextual, grammatical and graphic knowledge.  

  • read a varied selection of texts whilst gaining an increased level of fluency and understanding.   

  • use reading as a means of gathering information to support their learning throughout the entire curriculum.   

  • have opportunities to discuss what they have read with adults and peers 


In Reception and Year 1, early reading skills are taught through daily phonics sessions complemented by the sharing of fiction and non-fiction books. Children begin by developing their decoding skills and fluency, moving on to developing their comprehension of texts when they work with an adult in guided reading sessions. 


In Key Stage 2, reading skills are developed through whole class reading sessions which allow all children, regardless of reading ability, to access age-related texts that the whole class can enjoy, explore and discuss. These are complemented by comprehension activities. Teachers plan questions based on the mnemonic VIPERS (Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain, Retrieve, Summarise) , a range of reading prompts based on the 2016 reading content domains found in the National Curriculum Test Framework documents. 


Home Reading and Reading Records 


A wide range of books from a variety of reading schemes is sent home from Reception. Books are book banded so that children receive texts at the correct level. Pupils have regular opportunities to change their reading books and parents, pupils and class teachers use reading logs to communicate about the pupil’s reading.   


As children become more confident readers, they choose from a selection of books for independent readers available in the school library. 


We encourage all pupils to read every night with their parent/guardian.