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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

In our Reception Class, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  This curriculum is mapped out into topics where possible as we believe that children learn better when they can make links with other areas of learning.


We believe that a good early education is the foundation for later success. Daily phonics, reading and number skills are, therefore, at the heart of our Early Years curriculum. Through opportunities to engage in a range of traditional stories and high quality modern fiction and non-fiction texts, children enhance their vocabulary and imagination as well as develop their reading comprehension skills and their understanding of the world. We use the 'Little Wandle' scheme as a basis for teaching phonics and reading.  The children use their phonics to read the same books to pracitse the skills of decoding, prosody and comprehension and this book is then read to an adult at home.  


We use a range of practical equipment to develop understanding of number, calculations, shape and measure and children have lots of opportunities to practise and consolidate their understanding of mathematical concepts through role-play, adult-supported and independent activities. 


Throughout the Early Years, the children benefit from direct teaching time and frequent opportunities to consolidate and apply their learning through adult-supported activities and play-based learning.