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The Problem with Plastic


Year 5 have been learning about the problems plastic pollution is presenting our world.


We were shocked and saddened to learn that our habits are having a catastrophic effect on the world's oceans. Seeing images of the plastic gyres that are being filled with our rubbish and the sea creatures who are being harmed and killed by our throw away culture, we wanted to do something to start turning the tide on our plastic problem.


We all have a role in making a change. Our role is to change our own habits and educate others so they are able to change theirs.


We all need to:


Refuse. Reuse. Recycle.


Refuse to use single use plastic - use reusable carrier bags for our shopping, refuse straws for our drinks, use plastic boxes for food rather than clingfilm.

Reuse the plastic - make sure that nothing is single use, make new things, be creative!

Recycle - make sure that we are thoughtfully recycle all the plastic that we can.




Ecobricks is a new initiative that uses what would normally go straight to land fill or in to our environment as building bricks. It is a way to help us all reuse the single use plastic that we would otherwise throw away. Just a small change in our everyday habit can start a huge change for our world's future.


We would love to make enough Ecobricks to build a new structure at our school and we would love everyone in our school community to help.


This is the video that will explain how you can start making your own Ecobrick.



If you would like to join us in making an Ecobrick at home we would be delighted! Please can you use 2 litre bottles for your Ecobrick and make sure that it is dry before you start stuffing and that all of the plastic that you use is clean and dry too.