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Kingfisher Class (Year 5)

What a busy Spring term we have had! Studying Romeo and Juliet has definitely been a highlight, with our Year 5 students making us so very proud with their magnificent performance at Newburgh School.


We are finishing off our term with a Madame Tussauds exhibition of all of the celebrities we have studied during our biography unit. We hope many Year 5 parents will be able to come along at 2.15pm on Friday to see us dressed up and to learn all about the people that inspire us.

Our Beautiful British Bird Sculptures





This term, as part of collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company and several local schools, we will be studying Romeo and Juliet. Through reading and drama activities, the children will get to know the play really well and we will use this to inspire a range of writing tasks. These will include writing persuasive letters, creating a modern version of the play and inventing a new scene. Year 5 is particularly lucky because we will take part in a collaborative performance with the other local schools and even have a day with an actor from the Royal Shakespeare Company! Please note that the performance will be to the other children taking part only and not to a wider audience.

In our grammar lessons, we will look at how authors link ideas together with pronouns and adverbs and look at the ways in which brackets are used to add additional information to a sentence. Spelling will continue to be taught through the Read Write Inc programme.



We will start off this term by learning how to divide increasingly large numbers using formal written methods before moving on to fractions, decimal numbers and percentages. We will learn how to convert between these and investigate how they are used in real life. In our shape topics we will be getting stuck in to investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and will learn how to translate and reflect 2D shapes precisely.


History and Geography

As part of our Romeo and Juliet topic, we will be learning about our local area with a focus (of course!) on Stratford-upon-Avon. We are very fortunate to have a visitor from Warwickshire County Council coming to talk to us about flood risk management which should be very interesting!

Throughout the topic, we will research Shakespeare’s life and this will allow us to write a fantastic biography about him.



Year 5 have been given a new mission... Mission Meteor. They will become forces experts, helping a team of scientists from the Natural History Museum to locate and extract a meteor that has fallen to Earth in Russia. We will learn about air resistance, gravity, friction and buoyancy during our mission!



This term, we will explore how and why religion can help believers when times are difficult.  We will compare Christian, Hindu and Humanist beliefs about life after death and consider why they are different.



Year 5 will be doing advanced gymnastics with Onside. Our dance topic is the Haka. We will be choreographing our own versions of the Haka, using different sports as inspiration.


Home Learning


Home Learning will be given out on a Monday and needs to be brought back on the following Monday. If a child forgets their work, without a note from home, they are expected to miss a playtime but, of course, if they are struggling with any aspect, they can always ask for help or come along to the lunchtime Home Learning Club. Home Learning includes the following:


  1. Topic- based home learning.
  2. Maths –this may include mental maths questions or work linked to our topic during the week.
  3. Spelling. In addition to their Read Write Inc. log books, the children will be given word lists to reinforce their learning ahead of a weekly test. Please ask them to explain the spelling rules or patterns to you.
  4. Grammar. Children will sometimes bring home an activity to consolidate their learning.
  5. Children should be reading every day.  Please encourage them to read a wide range of authors and to discuss their reading with you. Details should be recorded in their reading records.



Other Information


On Wednesday afternoons, the children will be taught Music by Mrs Amphlett and games by Onside Coaching.


Don’t forget to take a look at the school website for links to other useful websites.


Finally, if you have any concerns do let us know. You can make an appointment to see one of us via the school office.


With best wishes.


Miss Lee and Mrs. Walton

Online Safety Update 

Year Five 

  • Media Balance 

  • Private and Personal Information 

In our online safety lessons this half term, Year Five focussed on understanding that good digital citizens are responsible and respectful in the digital world (and beyond). They also learnt about the benefits of sharing information online, but also about the safety and security risks of sharing certain types of information. 

Please take a look at the Family Tip sheets and Activity sheets that support the lessons covered in school. 


Many thanks, 


Miss Lee